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Team Hoyt 
New England
Contact Team Hoyt New England to Race, Volunteer or Donate

YES, YOU CAN HELP US support the Team Hoyt New England Chapter (THNE) 

Please consider donating to Team Hoyt New England. Donations will help THNE acquire
 racing chairs, team T-shirts, and a trailer that 
will allow teams of  Rider Athletes and 
Runners to race TOGETHER. 

How to make a donation? 
Send a check made payable to 
"Team Hoyt New England"
Team Hoyt/THNE  

PO Box 33 Rochdale, MA 01542

  Would You Like To Volunteer? 
Email us at

Thank you... TOGETHER, WE CAN!

Team Hoyt Running Chair
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Chair Lending Protocol

1) Chairs are lent on a case-by-case basis.

2) Chairs lent out should be returned within 2 weeks (or sooner if needed for a THNE event).

3) If a duo needs a THNE chair more than 3 times per year, we recommend that this duo purchase its own chair. (THNE can advise re: fundraising for a chair.)

Running Chair Safety Checklist

1. APPLY PARKING BREAK (especially when loading a Captain) when chair is assembled and not being used.

2. Captains must wear seat belt/ safety harness at all times.

3. Angels must be tethered to the chair while pushing.

4.  CAUTION ON DOWNHILL particularly in wet, slippery conditions.

5. Stay off to the side of the road unless to pass.

6. Avoid aggressively weaving around participants during an event.

7. Give adequate space for individuals who are running/ walking in front of the chair.

8. We require that all Angels carry a cell phone in the jogger chair that they use for racing.

Thank you,
Diane MacDonald
THNE President

To make an online donation of any amoun through our certified PayPal account